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Give Your Kitchen a Fresh New Look - Kitchen Cabinets Painting

A new coat of paint can transform an old, dingy kitchen into a bright and modern space for cooking, eating, and spending time with family. It can also do wonders for the value of your home, creating a focal point for buyers and real estate agents when your home hits the market.

At, we know what it takes to make any kitchen painting project a success. We will work with you to give your kitchen the appearance and feel you’re looking for, using premium paints and time-tested painting methods to deliver eye-catching results.
We usually use spray painting and hand painting. You can choose the method you prefer.

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The Advantage of Refinishing Your Cabinets

Kitchen Painting Process

  • Carefully remove and label hinges and door hardware, if door hardware is being changed to a new style we fill any holes if required
  • Mask and protect floors, counters and adjacent surfaces and seal off the work area to protect the rest of your your home – only leaving the parts to be sprayed
  • Prepare the boxes, doors and drawers for painting by sanding with vacuum-attached sanders with HEPA filters
  • Clean the surface to remove residual dust and grease
  • Apply one coat of bonding primer
  • Apply two finish coats, using a HVLP sprayer on doors and drawer faces for a fine finish
  • Reassemble kitchen, fitting new or existing handles and knobs
* All doors and drawers will be sprayed in our workshop
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Our professional painting and spraying services include the following:


Don’t leave your kitchen refinish in the hands of any house painter

  • We have proven products and processes, most projects are completed within 3 business days or less with minimal disruption
  • Thorough surface prep to ensure proper surface adhesion
  • We use high quality furniture paints that dry to a hard, durable finish and we spray the doors and drawer fronts for a perfect finish
  • Free colour consultation
  • We work in Roscommon and the surrounding area.
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