Kitchen Trends in 2020

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kitchen trends 2020

In the latest interior designs, kitchens meet the needs of modern people. So they are designed so that not only look good, but really promote spending time together. What solutions do designers propose to us for 2020?

Kitchens closed with four walls are becoming a thing of the past – it’s time to put on open spaces, as well as furniture and floors that will match the arrangement of the living room and dining room. Among the kitchen trends for 2020, you can also expect the use of strong colors, luxurious materials, and extraordinary forms and textures.

Kitchen combined with dining room and living room

In a modern kitchen 2020, the aesthetic and functional parameters should combine harmoniously, creating an atmosphere not only of luxury, but above all comfort. The comfort that we are currently looking for is to be provided by open spaces in which the kitchen, living room and dining room are not separate rooms or annexes (as it has been so far), but smoothly pass into each other. The whole room combining several functions should be decorated in a coherent style and matching colors. Thanks to this, even when preparing and eating meals, we can share time with other household members. How to get this effect in an open kitchen? Designers primarily recommend the use of one type of floor finish in the entire space – for example, identical floorboards or tiles in both the kitchen and the rest area.

It is similar with the colours of the walls – the materials and colours that we will use in the kitchen area should match or be the same as in the living room. Instead of standard tiles, more and more types of less ‘kitchen’ finishes, such as marble, metal sheets (e.g. copper), ceramic paints or concrete are used on the walls above the countertop. The lack of clear cut-outs on the floor between the parts of the room, as well as the consistent decoration of the walls will make the room not only optically larger, but also more stylish. What about furniture? Here, too, it should be noted that they have a style, color and type of finish that matches the entire interior.

Matt – fashionable kitchen fronts in 2020

Which kitchen fronts will be the most fashionable in 2020? When it comes to trendy kitchen colours 2020, we can definitely say goodbye to high-gloss white. Currently, most kitchen arrangements are more bold. What colour of kitchen furniture is fashionable? Kitchen designs in dark colours taken from nature are especially popular – from the still popular matt black and graphite, through unusual shades of green (e.g. sapphire, gray, sage or brown-mint), to burgundy, terracotta, dusty red and brown in shades of beige, coffee with milk, but also dark walnut or chocolate. We observe this trend when our customers choose a color for the kitchen spray painting.
Navy kitchen is also still popular, especially in shades inspired by Chinese porcelain or Portuguese azulejos. The great hit of 2020, which has a chance to stay longer, is kitchen furniture in metallic shades of gold, copper and brass, as well as stainless steel and rusted metal sheets.

Luxury kitchen

Fashionable kitchen 2020 will be based on the use of luxurious, durable and original materials. Thanks to this, the kitchen part of the open space of the house will not differ in style from the dining room or living room. What materials to choose for the kitchen in 2020? For several years, marble has been enjoying great popularity, from which not only the fashionable kitchen countertops are created. In the coming season, its richly decorated and exclusive versions, e.g. Calacatta marble or Carrara marble, will be chosen especially often. A cheaper option will be interesting granites or imitations of marble and other decorative stones with high-quality digital printing. Colourful tops and cladding in the colors of ultramarine lapis lazuli rock, purple amethyst or green labradorite or amazonite will be especially fashionable.

In modern kitchen designs, apart from marble or granite, luxury wood species also appear, e.g. walnut or European ash. They are used not only to create kitchen fronts, but also decorative inserts in stone kitchen islands. Other natural, and at the same time durable and elegant materials, which will certainly appear in the latest kitchen arrangements, include glass, metals (e.g. copper, brass, stainless steel, bronze). Metallic flash and wood, can be used to create large, eye-catching block of fronts, but also as details in a monolithic stone kitchen island or wall decoration above the kitchen counter. To get a luxurious look, you should also reach for fashionable kitchen tiles, i.e. zellinge. These are hand-made and glazed Moroccan tiles with non-ideal dimensions and shapes.

Kitchen island trends

Kitchens, which are to be the heart of the house, are easiest to connect to the rest of the living space through the use of so-called kitchen island. Kitchen islands should be simple in form, without handles, but in an interesting color and made of precious materials (or high-quality imitation). In the projects for 2020, they appear in the form primarily imitating stone blocks cut into a cuboid. They can be made of natural marble or granite in combination with luxury wood species and metal. A cheaper option, however, are increasingly popular furniture boards and kitchen countertops with a veneer imitating the specific appearance of marble.

Along with the trends for roundness (e.g. in the form of rounded seating sets or round tables), modern kitchens will also have round kitchen islands. They look like buffets from the midcentury modern period, modules with an oval base and rounded edges. They can be decorated with matching wooden folding door or wooden slats stacked with gaps between them. When choosing an open kitchen, you can also choose a modular kitchen island made of the same elements as the furniture, i.e. the style and colour of the fronts and countertops that match them. Importantly, the colour of the colorful island should match the rest of the room.