The most featured colours in the kitchen – Part One

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trend colours in the kitchen

We can say that the kitchen is the heart of every home. We focus so much on decorating it for a reason. One of the most important elements of the arrangement is the colour scheme, which can say more than a thousand words about our interior. Although the idea of white-wooden kitchens has firmly rooted in our heads, it is sometimes worth reaching for less obvious solutions that bring a hint of freshness and modernity. In today’s articke I will present kitchen designs that deviate from the traditional idea and something seems to me that will help you open to new, for example, blue or pistachio kitchen furniture. See the most featured colours in the kitchen.

Small kitchen = white kitchen?

Look at this small kitchen, which is arranged in a very modern way. It shows how other colours than white could be used in such a small area. Matte gray fits very well. What’s more, there are decorative industrial elements by the ceiling that are perfect in this small kitchen.
The kitchenette arranged in gray colour is contrasted with the wooden countertop and patterned tiles, which adds elegance to the kitchen. Fashionable teal details are a kind of ‘dot over’ in this kitchen.

Such a kitchen in an Irish house?

Accustomed to white and beige kitchen furniture, seeing those in navy blue, we may be slightly surprised. In addition, instead of white walls, dirty pink appeared here. The whole was seasoned with patchwork tiles and original handles in a truly Scandinavian style. This is definitely not a kitchen that will captivate a crowd of people. This is also not a kitchen that will be copied in every home. This cuisine is unique in its individual character and perfect for small city studios.

Green space

This year we are still playing green, but not only emeralds and bottle green are involved. Military green started competes with them.
In the following project we have a picture of a spectacular clash of tradition and modernity.
The use of the traditional form of kitchen cabinets in a modern form makes the kitchen very intriguing and not obvious. Beautiful details are silver details and a white brick wall.

Kingdom of Heaven

Who of us did not try to imagine the kingdom of heaven? My kingdom of heaven looks like the following project. And don’t think that I mean a woman’s place is in the kitchen. What is not! Rather, I mean the arrangement of this place, because no colour combination appeals to me as much as blue and gold. This first colour is very popular with our customers for kitchen cabinet spray painting service, while the second one is in the form of kitchen handles and fittings.