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What you really want to know is the price...

Painted kitchen cabinets are our specialty. We know what to do for kitchen cabinets to look as stunning as they have never looked before.
Throughout the years, we have painted various types of kitchens, cupboards, and other items of furniture, both those widely available and highly exclusive ones. Thanks to that, we are capable of choosing proper paints, primers, and materials to achieve the desired effect.

Every painted kitchen goes through the same process:

kitchen cabinets spray painting estimate
kitchen cabinets spray painting estimate

After my estimate, when the client agreed to my price. When we know what colour are chosen, I can start my work.
All your kitchen doors will be taken to the workshop for spray painting. It takes about 3 – 4 working days.

After that:
If the kitchen will be spray painted – all units and kitchen should be empty. (the kitchen cannot be used for two days)

If it is impossible to empty the kitchen – we can paint units with a brush (great quality), but we need one day more in the kitchen, because next coat of colour, we can paint the next day.
But in this case, you can use your kitchen all the time. Of course, all doors always are spray painted in my workshop.

The time it takes depends on how big the kitchen is. But usually, it is 4 – 7 working days.

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If you would you like a detailed quote faster – please send us a description of your kitchen including the numbers of doors and drawers along with some pictures and we will get back to you in 48 Hours.



We promise to deliver the highest standard of work