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Are your cabinets looking worn or faded? Lets us refinishing them!

Spray Painting

Kitchen cabinet spraying is a quick and painless way to give a great new look and feel to your existing cabinetry.
If you are happy with the design and layout of your kitchen but dread the cost and inconvenience of a complete kitchen overhaul, then kitchen cabinet respraying is the perfect option for you. Kitchen cabinet refinishing allows you can have the look you’ve always dreamed of without the additional expense and hassle.

We can respray kitchen cabinets of any type including, wooden, plastic veneer or MDF in our Roscommon workshop.

spray painting furniture
hand painting kitchen cabinets

Hand Painting

When you cooperating with the KitchenPainter.ie, we offer more than just hand painting services. We know how important a kitchen painting project can be for any homeowner. We also know how important proper planning is to the success of a repainting project. That’s why we work with homeowners to understand their vision for their kitchen before starting painting. By collaborating with you on the planning stages of your project, we can help you avoid common mistakes, map out a workable time frame for your project, and find the perfect combination of colours for your kitchen.

Painting Special Effects

Do you want to have vintage paint effects to refinish your kitchen cabinets? We use paint to turn your old or unwanted furniture into glorious, vintage style treasures in much easier way than you’d think and is a great way to make your home look chic affordably.

Just think, wouldn’t that unloved sideboard you accidentally buy on DoneDeal look better with a glazed, rustic finish? And that €20 charity shop mirror that has been banished to under the stairs? Well, that’s just asking for a touch of gilding. We can create these vintage paint effects for you to transform your furniture…

special effects kitchen painting
french polishing

French Polishing

French Polishing is a process, not a material. The material used when French Polishing is called shellac, which is a resin secreted by the female Lac beetle to form a cocoon in trees in India and Thailand.

Polish is applied as a liquid mixture by either polish mop, usually made from bear or squirrel hair, or by a polish rubber which is made up of wadding wrapped in cotton.

Once spread over a surface, the shellac forms a thin, solid coating. The changeover from a liquid that is relatively easy to apply, to a tough, well adhering film, is accomplished by the solvent simply evaporating and leaving behind its solid component as the film coating.

Furniture Restorations

For many years generations have enjoyed quality made furniture which was built to last. The cost of these had quite an impact on families so generally we had furniture for many years which was and has been handed down generation to generation.

Restoration can run the gamut from basic cleaning, only, to full refinishing. If your fine antique furniture has been damaged by fire or flood or is suffering decades of neglect – we have the experience and traditional skills to restore your historic woodwork back to beauty.

antique furniture restoration