Furniture Restorations

Bring your old furniture back to life...

We recommend this specialised service to period house owners

There are a variety of reasons for wanting to repair or restore a piece of furniture. Whether it’s a loose joint, a scratch or discoloration, we can help!

Furniture restoration is one of the best ways to restore wood to its original look or change the look completely to give it a look that better fits your tastes. We offer multiple restoration options that can help you achieve the results you want for your contemporary or antique furniture.

We can offer full restoration, or simple repairs such as regluing a loose chair, replacing broken legs, re-polishing dining tables, repairs to chests of drawers, re-veneering, the list goes on… We work in Roscommon, Sligo, Leitrim, Longford, and the surrounding area.

old furniture conservation
furniture restoration services

Our Furniture Restoration Services Include:

  • Furniture Repair & Restoration: We can reattach that broken chair leg or restore your family heirlooms to bring back the original look and beauty
  • Furniture Painting: Older wood furnishing can start to lose their luster. Our furniture painting services help give new life to your favourite pieces by smoothing the surface and changing the colouring
  • Dent and Scratch Repair: Everyday wear and tear can slowly damage your furnishings. We provide expert repairs for dents and scratches using special products to fill in the damaged areas
  • Expert Colour Matching: We provide custom colour-matching services for wood furnishings, millwork and cabinetry to give your homes’ furnishings a more cohesive look.