Painting Special Effects

We can apply a variety of painting techniques including Glazed, Antiqued, Torched and many more

Customers love our special effects kitchen cabinet refinishes

You can choose from a variety of colours and different special effect finishing techniques:
  • Glazed: Charming cottage-style look, random distressing, hang-ups in corners
  • Antiqued: Creates an aged or worn look to your kitchen cabinets
  • Torched: Adds depth by adding a darker shade in the recessed parts of the cabinets
special effects kitchen painting blue
instant age kitchen cabinets

Instant Age

Refreshing your kitchen doesn’t require a huge renovation. If your existing cabinets are in good condition, we can paint them a bold hue and add one of our special effect style refinish.

Kitchens in older homes, evolving over time, often have mixed hues. Evoke that vintage feel by introducing a contrasting color with glazed charming refinish effect.

This finish will give your doors an aged patina. It can be applied extremely sheer, very heavy, or anywhere in between. Glaze is a semi-transparent colour applied over the paint for added depth and dimension. The glaze adds a subtle wash of colour to the base paint colour, darkening the overall colour slightly and creating a subtle brush-stroked look. We work in Roscommon, Sligo, Leitrim, Longford, and the surrounding area.