Handle-free kitchens are currently bang on trend

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handle-free kitchens

Milling instead of standard kitchen handles

Handle strips that are milled into the wood in kitchen furniture gives the feeling of getting rid of handles. The smooth surface without any protruding elements is extremely practical and stylish. It is easy to keep the surface prepared in such a way clean. Milling instead of standard handles are also extremely elegant and functional. They also perfectly fit into the prevailing trend of minimalism.

Door without handles – is it possible?

Contemporary design facilitates the creation of various solutions that reflect the prevailing trends and also make life easier. The ‘tip on’ system is based on a mechanical opening aid, which takes place by lightly pressing the surface of the door or drawers. It is a very convenient solution that requires no effort. The ‘tip on’ system consists of a bumper, hidden inside the furniture, which guarantees handle-free opening of the kitchen cabinets.

Such a solution can be used in both upper and lower cabinets. But in kitchens where the small children are, a better solution is a combined system, i.e. the ‘tip on’ mechanism in the upper housing, and milled handles in the lower one.

Hand-free kitchen cabinets are becoming especially popular among German and Italian kitchen designers. These types of cabinets open by touching and pressing the front surface. Perfect for interiors decorated in a modern style, giving them a luxurious character. Such practical and ergonomic handle-free systems will shorten the time of activities.

Or maybe a compromise… edge handles

The edge handles are so comfortable that they provide access across the entire width of the front. They have a modern, minimalist look and very often refer to the modern style in their simplicity.

Before choosing handles for kitchen furniture, it is worth thinking about what end result you would like to achieve in the kitchen.