Colour trends in 2021 – these colours will create a feel for your kitchen

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kitchen colour trends 2021

Colour trends in 2021 refer to an interest in ecology and a desire to return to nature. After the crazy 2020, the new season brings us a colourful calm, offering mainly cream shades and bright, natural materials, enriched with a balanced dose of extravagant, saturated colours.

Flower Power

The American Pantone Institute has been reigning supreme in the field of setting colour trends for years. From among several analyses prepared, the most interesting impression is made by the “Colour Trends Highlights” report, which includes 3 palettes of fashionable colours in interiors in 2021.

  • Summer Bouquet – 7 colours referring to flowers blooming in the middle of summer. Here you will find different shades of pink and purple, accompanied by a blurred olive green.
  • Intoxicating – 6 cream shades of purple, blue, yellow and green. The palette refers to the blue sky and lavender flowers heated by the hot sun
  • Power Surge – a real energy hit! Power Surge is a set of 8 colours reminiscent of big city neon lights. There is a place for intense red, dark blue, mango orange and lime green

Azure and Green

The colour trends of 2021 in interiors are also closely followed by the well-known company WGSN (Worth Global Style Network). Guided by a modern approach to colour psychology, she has developed a set of 5 key colours that are to be in harmony with the human body and mind.

  • A.I.Aqua – azure shade of blue and also the colour of the year according to WGSN. It reflects the development of digitization and the fascination with artificial intelligence
  • Quiet Wave – a creamy shade of green – calming, refreshing and closer to nature
  • Oxy Fire – a bloody shade of red. Saturated, proud and immediately grabbing attention
  • Lemon Sherbet – the gentle face of yellow. On the one hand, it symbolizes the pleasant action of the sun, on the other hand, it has a soothing effect
  • Good Gray – a calming bluish shade of grey. It will be a great partner for many colours, but also great on its own

Warm Browns

The colour palette created by the well-known manufacturer of wall paints Dulux is dominated by brown hidden under the name Brave Ground – Power of the Earth. It is a warm, enveloping colour, symbolizing a return to nature, stability and protection of the earth element. The colours of 2021, perfect for combining with the Power of the Earth, have been collected by the company in 4 palettes.

  • Proven colours – something for lovers of classics and minimalism. A palette of 10 shades of brown and grey will be a safe base for classic, scandi, minimalist and mid-century modern arrangements. A skilful combination of the shades included in the palette will help you create an elegant and cosy interior. Wooden furniture and natural materials will look great in it.
  • Timeless colours – a set based on browns and greys with a large dose of rust and mustard shades. The palette is perfect for the kitchen, dining room or home office. Against the background of walls in these shades, furniture with geometric, modern shapes or referring to the mid-century modern style will look good.
  • Earth colours – a calming palette full of shades of blue: from dark navy blue, through sea shades, to a serene azure, blurry blue and blue grey that protects the palette from monotony. The set will fit into any room.
  • Expressive colours – an expressive set in which saturated shades of pink and brown with a hint of blurred grey prevail. The palette is associated with the Summer Bouquet – the combination of colours is romantic and sensual, but thanks to cooler colours it avoids overinging. It will work in a modern female bedroom or a child’s room. With lots of beige and grey, this set can be used in the kitchen or living room.

Different Shades of Wood

The turn to nature is also a turn to natural materials, recycling and vintage furniture. In 2021, choose wood in the interior – in all the variety of its colours and shades. In minimalist, modern or scandi-style arrangements, use furniture made of light wood. If you like retro style, create an arrangement in the spirit of art-deco or mid-century modern and use walnut brown wood – it can be original items from the period or elements stylized as antiques.
The color combinations of 2021 combine wood with black metal elements, the color of brass, gray concrete and the extremely popular sinters imitating natural stone. The trend for rattan and wicker, whose natural light color will give lightness to any interior, is also not weakening.

What colours will be the trends in the interior in 2021?

The upcoming season will be marked by pastel shades as well as natural fabrics and materials. The palettes prepared by analysts are dominated by the colours of the earth, rose and red of blooming flowers, as well as plant green and various shades of blue.