The most featured colours in the kitchen – Part Two

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trend colours in the kitchen

We do not need an ultra-modern kitchen to introduce a stronger colour to the interior. A timeless classic will always defend itself, even if we serve it with blue kitchen furniture.
Traditional English kitchen cabinets blend in perfectly with industrial elements, such a lighting. High ceilings, typical of apartments in high period houses are perfect for such a combination.

Minimalism is not black and white …

Such a minimalist kitchen in a studio apartment amased me above all with its simplicity. The only madness here is the vivid colour used on the lower kitchen cabinets, which perfectly corresponds to the colours of the entire apartment.
In such a compact studio apartment, in which the kitchen is open to the living room, there no be used heavy kitchen furniture that could unnecessarily overload the interior. A very good solution was to use closed cabinets only at the bottom, while the upper one was replaced with an open shelf, which makes the arrangement light.

Living room style kitchen

The colours in the kitchen that blends in with the rest of the house must blend in perfectly with the entire interior. We can try to use mint as the main colour in the kitchen.
The stucco used throughout the house harmoniously also blends into the kitchen. All thanks to the upper kitchen cabinets that look like another wall. The lower cabinets are matte in a graphite shade and they soothe the interior and make it not too sweet.

Vivid colour in the kitchen

I do not know if you have noticed that in almost all of the designs presented in today’s post, a stronger colour is introduced at the kitchen. We should be careful not to overdo it, especially in small kitchen.
The kitchen below captivates with its simplicity. Keep in mind that the furniture is as minimalist as possible. The only thing that distinguishes them and what I like very much is the colour of the fronts. Green in a shade of sage proved to be great here! The whole was completed with terrazzo tiles placed on the wall above the top.

All in white … are you sure?

Our overview of brightly coloured kitchens is coming to the end. Finally, a project that shows a perfect compromise between the beloved white kitchen furniture and those in a stronger color. The most fashionable colours in the kitchen are of course, just like in other rooms: green, blue, purple, pink and even red. However, if you are not that brave or you simply do not see such colours in your kitchen, choose only small elements in a stronger colour.
In the design below, only some of the lower cabinets are painted in blue, while the rest remain unshakably white. In my opinion, such a kitchen is an excellent proposition for those who seek trends in their own house, but without chasing them blindly.